A Lot Happens In A Week….Or Two!

We all know you can be waiting ages for a bus then three come at once!  Well for me, life’s been trickling along like it does – the ‘summer’ holidays came and didn’t seem to go … both Stuart and Alex finished their courses by the end of May this year and never seemed to be going back until – middle of September they both have to be off, one to Uni the other to college.  Not only that, Peter’s sabatical from preaching ended and he was due to preach two Sundays in a row at a church in Cheshire.  So, one Sunday we travelled down to Altrincham where Peter preached a sermon about Job then bombed it up the motorway to Preston to register Alex and settle her in her accommodation.  Mums and daughters around us were hugging and crying – I asked Alex if she’d miss me and she told me she would – if I left…. so we left her.  She’s in her second week now and loving it handling reptiles and rodents without a care in the world.  Also, on Monday she strated her work experience at a local vets and thought observing a rabbit’s op., was “cool.”

 Stuart is also enjoying his course.  He’s commuting, which is ok but expensive so he’s looking to move out … I’m looking to revamp his room!  He has Wed off(?) Also, on Tues his assignment was to stay in Southport taking photos – how tough is that?

 Still, how wonderful for them and how lovely for Peter and I to see the plans put in place last year be realised this year.  Alex commented the other day that we’d prayed about this and put it before God and He had allowed it to happen.  It reminds me of the Proverb “Man makes his plans but God directs His path.”

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