Jean Has Died But The Gene Lives On

Sadly, aunty Jean died peacefully at just 66 years of age. The third daughter of 10 children. She had suffered ill health these past couple of years. Aunty Jean was the biggest chatterbox to mankind (contrary to popular belief that it’s me or should that be Joanne?!) I was named after her except her name wasn’t Jean but Dorothy Jane but then names are never what they seem in my family – am I a ‘Smith’ or a ‘Smyth’ – will I ever find out? Watch this space. Aunty Jean was a larger than life character and champion for lost causes. But she lives on…..

I picked up my niece and nephew from school the other day and once in the car Lauren chatted all the way home telling me one tale after another. James once or twice started the tale but Lauren always took over. What caused me to cry?… At one point Lauren fell silent and James began…only for Lauren to say “James, please, let me speak.” James duly shut up and I cracked up. And so, aunty Jean lives on! She will be missed but not forgotten.

Lucy, my oldest friend at 92, has also died. You can read about Lucy in my homeless blog. Stoic. A true Brit. No one seems to know what being British means anymore. Lucy’s generation does. However, Lucy is part of a dying breed no longer recognising the Britain of today.

For both aunty Jean and Lucy they are now ‘home’. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you, if it were not so, I would have told you.” Selah!Š

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  1. Peter Holloway Says:

    Is it my turn to speak yet???

  2. David Taylor Says:

    Thanks for sharing. We’re thinking of you.

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