And Christians Believe What Exactly?

“In the beginning God created…” but not according to some Christians who believe that God doesn’t mean what He says, He means something else entirely and it’s all open to interpretation. Sadly, Steve Chalk has joined the ranks of those who profess God but which God exactly, not the God of the Bible, not the Creator God, not the Holy God who abhors sin so much that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish (at the hands of the Holy God) but have eternal life, not the God who for the sake of His beloved creation became one of us to die our death for us. No, not that God. Another god entirely. A god that fits in with evolution. A god that overlooks our sin, a god that will not punish (for there is nothing to punish), a god that cannot, indeed need not ‘save’ for there is nothing to save us from, no consequences for our actions (unless we’re caught out in this world and they offend the ‘god’ of this world). And not the Jesus of the Bible, not the Son of God Most High, because to believe in Jesus of the Bible you would also have to believe what He says about Himself and about His Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth and seeing as how Steve Chalk doesn’t believe that, I wonder what Jesus he believes in. Confused? If you saw the programme on Sunday morning when evolution and creation were discussed (I profess I only caught a bit of it as I was off to church  on the Lord’s Day (that is Jesus of the Bible, Son of God) you would have seen a lone Christian lady, a science teacher arguing for the debate to be taken into schools to allow pupils to have both sides of the argument presented – she takes God at His word, He says what He means and means what He says. This so annoyed Claire Short, ex MP, who couldn’t tolerate the thought that a science teacher could be a Christian. That’s ok, Claire isn’t a Christian, her eyes are blinded, she cannot be expected to understand nor indeed accept God’s word as yet she does not know her Heavenly Father. Steve Chalk on the other hand professes that he does know Him and yet would sit publicly on live TV and denounce His word and undermine his sister in Christ in support of the ‘theory’ of evolution. He quoted Augustine to support his reasoning. Well, the science teacher can go better than that, she can quote Jesus! Selah.

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  1. mark Says:

    Nonsense – you quote Steve Chalke and then make up his beliefs for him. Open your mind tothe truth.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Cool! A response (albeit a bit sharp). Thanks anyway, I only thought my hubbie read my blogs.

    Did you watch the programme Mark? Steve Chalk actually denied the first few chapters of Genesis as “poetry” and not to be taken literally. He openly denounced the science teacher who did believe in God’s account of creation. I wouldn’t presume to make up anybody’s beliefs for them. Steve Chalk made his absolutely clear. He doesn’t take God at His word.

    As for opening my mind to the truth – Jesus is the Truth and God’s word is truth – my mind is open to both.

    Kind regards


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