Take Care To Remember

I’m in the book of Judges at the mo’ and read the following verse:-

“….and there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work which He had done for Israel.” Judges 2v10.

The context of this is that in Israel’s recent history they have had the exodus from Egypt, and 40 years in the desert and more recently, entry into the promised land. So much has happened. Almighty God has directly intervened in their lives – generations of Hebrews have personally witnessed the miracles, mercy and judgement of Almighty God – Awesome! (That is “awesome” in the real sense not the American sense). Yet, now settled in the ‘Promised Land’ a few generations later, perhaps great, great, great grandchildren – something so awesome could become irrelevant, even forgotten.

How easy it is to disregard what has gone before and to settle for what you have. How difficult it is for subsequent generations to feel connected with what has happened in the past.

How relevant are the last two world wars to this generation? How relevant will they be to future generations? My parents lived through the second world war. My recently departed friend, Lucy, lived through both world wars. They experienced it. I did not. But, I have been told, reminded through the media, history etc. Therefore, I can appreciate what has taken place and accept that I live as I do because of those events. We have November 11 as “Remembrance Day” to help us remember. Still, subsequent generations have settled for what we have now and all but disregarded what has gone before. We have taken for granted the advantages that are ours but which previous generations sacrificed in order to preserve our/my future.

However, look across at Ireland …. if only they would forget! They are a people who’s memories linger not just for a few generations but for centuries! Grievances of centuries ago are still held and battles still rage within – even the ‘peace’ of today is not real peace. Look at the Middle East, Asia, parts of Africa…the people remember only too well and the hurts run deep.  There are some things we need to ‘choose’ to forget in order to forgive and be healed.

So what does that verse in Judges have to do with me, with you today? Well, we live in a generation which has arisen who does not know the LORD or the work which He has done. We live for today. How difficult it is for subsequent generations to feel connected with what has happened in the past. How difficult it is for them to feel connected with God when they personally do not know Him or want to know Him.

Our British culture has forgotten its God and the victories He has given us through two world wars – we don’t just enjoy the benefits of living in Britain, we take them for granted. The privileges we have today came at a great price. Our God has reached down to us and it cost Him His beloved Son.

Faith comes through hearing the Word. How can they hear unless someone tells them?

Tell someone about what God has done for you today – remind them of God’s grace. If you do not know God then stop and think of just one thing you take for granted, such as breathing, and thank God for providing you with air to breath.

God left the godless nations in Israel to test them “whether they will take care to walk in the way of the LORD…or not.”

“Take Care” is an expression we say glibly but really it is packed with warning – “be alert,” “watch out for yourself, “be aware of danger so as to avoid it.”

May we take care today.

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