We went, we saw and we’re back home!

First impressions of Spain – looked like Mexico and I should know as I’ve seen loads of Westerns. Our home for the week was a small villa in a residential area with a lovely beach and the Med at the bottom of the road. Loads of lovely old towns and villages to visit and a great first trip as there was a lot on offer locally. However, the Spanish don’t seem to like tourists. Between 12 noon and 6 pm everywhere is closed – no shops, no access to all the tourist attractions of the area. We have plenty of pictures of us outside buildings as we couldn’t get in. It was like visiting ghost towns. Not only that, the Spanish themselves do not go out of their way to be friendly or helpful. By 6 p.m., shops begin to open and if you wait until 8 p.m., restaurants begin to serve food and very good it is too. Personally, the only reasons to go to Spain is sun, sea and sand. In Britain we have plenty of sea and sand (we are an island afterall) but sadly we are lacking in the sun department, especially this summer. For us summer came early, Easter to be exact and nice it was too. Sadly, we thought this was the start of things to come but alas – no. We also got lots of “stares” this could be for two reasons, one we are all so white (lack of sun) and two, our two eldest children wore cut down jeans but looked like Huckleberry Finn and Max Wall respectively and perhaps they thought we were poor!

Whilst visiting a town not unlike Torquay, I saw a copy of the Daily Express with a brilliant picture of Muslim women surrounding a WPC with the slogan “British Police Go To Hell”. The reason I think this picture is brilliant is that it contrasts so well the teachings of Mohammad and Jesus. The women with their faces covered speaks so well of Islam. Whereas, the uncovered face of the very brave and professional WPC there to protect them epitomises the teachings of Jesus “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who ill-treat you.” (Luke 6:27) Wow, what radical teaching.

Once home we settled back into normal life – loads and loads of washing (thankfully, the weather was lovely and it all got dry over two days) and Alex was sick with tummy pains by Friday she had “the Stevie Crams” unfortunately, we were due at my cousin’s wedding in Durham on Saturday. Saturday came and Alex was going to ge left behind under the supervision of her aunty – we were to leave by 10:30 am at the latest, that was the plan…..instead at 12:30 we were at the hospital doctor on call centre!! Confirmation that it was just a tummy bug, albeit painful, we dashed up the motor way, well not quite dashed exactly more strolled – long delays were predicted from where we entered to the motorway right on up until our exit. We sat and 30/40 mph the whole way, all the time debating whether or not to ring and cancel. We chose to ring and let all concerned know we would be delayed and thankfully, although we did miss the actual wedding ceremony we did make it for the rest of the proceedings. My cousin Joanne looked stunning and my cousin Claire her bridesmaid looked great in emerald green (the colour she turned down in favour of pink for my wedding)!! The flower girl Emma looked beautiful and it was a proud momen for her mum and dad too. The weather was gorgeous after so much rain and the setting, Lumley Castle Hotel was perfect. It was quite an initimate and informal wedding and Joanne smiled the whole day – she and Andy make a lovely couple and I’m sure they’ll be smiling for many, many years to come.

Alex felt better after she’d thrown up in the hall of the castle you’ll be pleased to know.

We travelled home at 12:30 am and arrived home at 3:15 a.m., safe and sound and sleepy.

See pictures below.



Alex is off to Benllech Bay in Anglesey on Saturday for a week with United Beach Missions. She’ll be at the beach every day entertaining children who turn up for the fun and games and bible teaching. It’s her first time and already she’s having to learn to “conform” as UBM’s dress code is a bit strict and I dare say at some point in the future they’ll have to “a dress” this 🙂

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