Alex in Benllech

Alex had a great time in Benllech and the weather was good for a change – lots of sunshine. Hannah and I made a surprise visit to the team on Wednesday and I have to say, I was the one who was surprised. We made the trip in three hours. Its a lovely drive and I love Anglesey – if we didn’t have such awful weather we’d forget Spain etc and visit the local foreign shores of Wales and Cornwall. Anyway, back to my surprise. Alex smiling. Not only smiling but beaming. I knew she’d be good in a team and be helpful etc., but to see her up front, doing games and actions with 50 odd kids and their parents watching, not to mention passers by looking on, and enjoying it, was great for me to see. She so enjoyed her week away, sleeping on a roll up mat on a floor of a hall and making new friends of various ages. She is still buzzing from her experience and can’t wait until next year and she wants to do two weeks this time. Thanks to Karen for taking her and having her on her team for her first UBM. As for the dress code, Alex was accepted for who she is – black nail varnish ‘n’ all. It was a great team and all the members do a great job, most using their annual leave to participate in UBM – sharing the good news of Jesus with those who wanted to listen. The good news by the way is this “Jesus came to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20 v28)
During that week Morna, Barney’s sister came to stay. You can catch photos of them both jumping if you log onto Peter’s photos. She is so cute and I feel tempted to get another dog…..

We went on ‘Rug Patrol’ yesterday at Langley Mansions in Formby. Longsuffering Bob (who incidently is also kind) has travelled near and far to find the perfect rug to fill a space in front of the hearth. He’s been up and down dales, worn the leather from the sole of his shoes as he’s traipsed streets all over the North West in search of “the” rug. On a couple of occasions he thought his prayers had been answered as Julie said “yes” and they brought the rug home – only for Julie to say “no” – and back it went and so the search went on. Bob now has a well practiced look for Julie when she asks his opinion – not too keen in case she suspects he’s just had enough and will say “yes” to anything in order to end the search, but not too off putting in case, just maybe, perhaps, this could be the one which puts him out of his misery. Alas, it is not to be. At Langley Mansions in Formby yesterday, there on the floor where once a perfectly nice, warm, inviting carpet lay, was instead the more trendy, uptodate, laminate flooring and in front of the hearth a poor lifeless rug who knows its time is coming to an end but until Julie finds “the” rug the end is not in sight. In the meantime, longsuffering Bob gets on with life and tries not to think about the next impending trek around the country to find “the” rug.

We’re there for you mate!
Exam results! Well done Stuart. He got his ‘A’ level and Diploma and is off to study graphics and photography at Blackpool. Good stuff.

Alex – we await her results in eager anticipation. God willing, she will be off to college in September and living in – that means moving out (aagh!) – for four days of the week – she can’t wait.

Anyone know how to get rid of moles? We have at least one in our garden which is intent on staying put despite Peter’s best efforts to deal with it humanely and inhumanely! Help!

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