I was born in Huyton, in the front bedroom back in the 60’s – the era of The Beatles and grew up when the Prime Minister was Harold Wilson, he was also our MP and parked his car outside our house on polling day! 

I attended St George’s Church in Longview and became a Christian at 13 shortly after my grandad died.

My family moved to Southport when I was 17 and I lost all contact with Huyton very quickly. 

Through my church in Southport, St Phillips, I became a committed Christian eventually leaving Southport to work for Operation Mobilisation – a Christian organisation committed to spreading the gospel through literature.  I met my Peter there and became his “goodthing”.  19 years and three children later, via Shropshire, Cheshire and N Ireland I’m back in Southport for now….

Highlights of my life – Happy childhood – childhood friends.  Jillian teaching me to ride.
 Owning a pony!  Meeting Mandy & Lesley.

Going to Israel especially Jerusalem.

Passing my driving test!!!

Meeting interesting people from all around the world whilst on OM and getting to travel.

Living in Shropshire and riding my pony through the fab countryside – waterfalls and streams.

My wedding day – I thoroughly enjoyed it but I was aware that the service lasted an hour longer than most and the weather combined to give black sky, torrential rain, hail and eventually snow – all this in April.  My advice – don’t get married in April and keep the service short and simple – that’s what I intend next time anyway 🙂

Becoming a mum three times over.  If we could have afforded a bigger car at the time I might have had more but we could only fit three in the back. 

Choosing names – if you need any help, I’m the person to come to.

Surviving Bible College and N Ireland – meeting more great people.

Returning to Southport for Peter to pastor a local church.

Meeting more great people and making lasting friendships.

Having twins – well almost – my niece and nephew being born – so gorgeous.

Holidays in France with The Coopers.

Most recently, getting to visit our good friends The Taylors in Atlanta and the biggest highlight to date – meeting my penfriend Terry for the first time.  We started writing when we were 15 but didn’t meet up until two years ago – what a great girl with a great husband and wonderful boys – we got on so well – strangers yet not.  Can’t wait for them to come here.

Low-lights – melancholy doesn’t suit me.  Needless to say, too many absent friends – mum & dad….

To love and be loved is what life is about – I am both loved and love but most importantly I know the love of God in my life and what it is to be “in love” with Jesus.. the closest I can come to explaining such a relationship with such a Saviour.